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It is well known fact that in Quebec, most of the moves occur in summer. If you plan to move, take the time to read these 7 tips that will help to make this event as pleasant as possible for your doggy, kitty and you!

1.Before you even think about moving, it's important to make sure your pet can follow you to your new home. Indeed, nearly 170,000 cats and dogs will move in the coming weeks and unfortunately thousands will be abandoned by their owner. One of the reasons is the impossibility of having an animal in the new abode. In addition, inform yourself with your future municipality about the regulations in place regarding animals.

2. Properly plan your move. This step will keep you cool if small hang-ups occur. Prepare food, necessities and other daily treats in sufficient quantity for the first week, this will allow you to concentrate fully on your move.

3. Take ''exercise'' or ''relaxation'' breaks with your pet so that they do not feel undue stress and can spend their energy positively. It is important not to neglect them during this period.

4. Make sure you have a box containing all your pet’s belongings (toy, bowl, food, leash, and pillow) on hand. Their belongings will serve as a source of comfort for your pet and in spite of the changes, will make them feel as though they are always at home.

5. On the day of the move, stress will be at its highest, both for you and for your pet. It might be a good idea to find them a somewhat quieter place with friends or family members preferably, one or two days before the move. If this is not possible, keep your pet in a room away from the noise.

6. Stress caused by the move could lead to undesirable behavior. The use of soothing pheromones or medication could be useful in some cases. Our team of experts will guide you in the proper choice of these.

7. In the days following the move, be sure to update your cat or dog's microchip information or licenses with the relevant agencies.

Moving is stressful for humans and pets, but with these few tips, you will contribute to the smooth running of this life event. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our teams.