Montreal Emergency: 438-387-2746

We are pleased to be able to add to our services the Veterinary Boutique. This is a complementary service that we absolutely wanted to offer in our hospitals. The main objective of the Vet Boutique is to provide you with a team of professionals to advise you and answer your questions. We want to create a bond of trust between you, your pet and our team. Each patient is unique and his / her needs will be very different from another patient. We beieve that your pet's health will be impacted by good food, appropriate care and an enrichment of their environment. With the Veterinary Boutique we want to make your life easier. A wide range of products is available (foods, treats, treatments, accessories, toys, etc.) so you can find everything under one roof.

At the moment, the St-Lambert, Montreal and Sainte-Julie branches are functional but we are working on our Verdun branch as well.