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Over the years, your pet has developed a behavioural problem but you do not know what to do to help him (aggressiveness, excessive yelp, anxiety, etc.)? You wish to welcome a new dog in your family but have no knowledge about the education of a puppy? In short, your dog or cat shows a behaviour that worries you or you want to know more to prevent a problem? We have a team ready to help you!

There are different situations where advice on animal behaviour could be helpful. Some animals will demonstrate behaviours that may be normal for their kind but undesirable for you such as: jumping on people, eating food on the counter, pulling on the leash ... It can also sometimes be difficult to teach a young animal bursting with energy how to behave! Outside, it is crucial to establish the basics of proper training at a young age to facilitate future learning. It is necessary learn the normal behaviour of an animal, how to educate and equip yourself with lots of patience! Finally, some animals will develop behavioural disorders such as anxiety, phobias (fireworks, thunderstorms) or aggression. It is important to seek help!

Here are the services we can offer you:

  • Advice by technicians
  • A consultation with a veterinarian who has undergone training in behaviour
  • Follow-up following the consultation to provide support during the learning and treatment of behavioural issues
  • Learning tools (harness, toys, pheromones, nutraceuticals, etc.)
  • Pet Kindergarten classes
  • This service is offered to dogs and cats

It is possible that some behavioral problems arise from a medical condition (pain, hormonal disease, etc.). It is therefore important to mention it to your veterinarian or technician as soon as the problem occurs. They will guide you and direct you to a behavioral service if it applies.