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Thanks to the large number of qualified and specialized vets on our team, these imaging tests are performed right out of our 4 hospital locations. You won’t need to travel to multiple clinics, nor will you need to endure long wait times; all will be done under one roof.

At the Victoria Veterinary Hospital, your vet will take the time to discuss the health of your pet. If the medical examination reveals health problem or abnormality, our diagnostic equipment and tests will guide our veterinary team to make a diagnosis and appropriate treatment for your pet.

Here are some of our available tests:

Blood tests (wide range for young and older animals)

Blood tests or PCR for contagious and infectious diseases such as parvovirus, Lyme disease or even leptospirosis.

Stool analysis for the detection of intestinal parasites

Urinalysis for screening or diagnostic aid during urinary tract infection, diabetes mellitus or kidney disease

Microscopy when parasites (skin) or related to skin infection

Radiology when suspecting a mass or malfunction of an abdominal or thoracic organ. Radiology is also regularly used in orthopedic issues (hip dysplasia, patella dislocation or fracture)

Abdominal or chest ultrasound is used when a heart murmur is detected during the routine examination in dogs or suspected heart disease in cats. Ultrasound is also useful when it is suspected that the organ function is impaired. This allows us to visualize the shape, the texture of the body, the presence of fluid or inflammation in the abdomen, to take organ measuments, mass and even the thickness of the intestines for the diagnosis of certain inflammatory diseases or tumors.