Clients Share Their Experience with Hôpital Vétérinaire Victoria

Gratitude and Satisfaction

Throughout the years, we’ve had the immense pleasure of meeting clients passionate about their pets. We care about your animal’s health, a priority that is reflected in the quality of our veterinary services. Please find below testimonials from clients who recommend our team.
An Exceptional Vet!

An Exceptional Vet!

We live in Charlevoix and have the best veterinarian. She is so professional, always attentive, devoted and dedicated to her clients and their pets. Dr. Christine Carle, founder of the Hôpital Vétérinaire Victoria in Saint-Lambert, which has evolved over the years into a large team of four hospitals in Saint-Lambert, Greenfield and two in Montreal, saved our beautiful boxer, Fannie, from certain death. She continues to take great care of her, which she does for all her patients and clients. She has an amazing team! We would like to thank our miracle doctor with all our heart with this little message of gratitude! Congratulations Dr. Carle!

Louise and Guy

Remarkable Kindness

To the entire team,

I'm writing this message to tell you about my latest visit on August 10 at Hôpital vétérinaire Victoria located on de Maisonneuve Boulevard in Montreal.

I visited your veterinary hospital for my Siamese cat Tishka's annual vaccination. My cat was treated by Dr. Johanie Boucher who was very cheerful and showed great dedication and remarkable kindness. The young man who worked at the counter showed the same enthusiasm.

Dr. Boucher even gave my cat a kiss on 2 occasions and I must say that I had never seen this kind of behavior from a veterinarian. I might even say that it is her vocation to be a veterinarian and it shows.

As a lawyer working in a private practice and serving the public just like you, I notice that people tend to make negative comments and not give enough positive feedback.

And that's why I had to share this because my experience was most enjoyable.


Émilien L.