Montreal Emergency: 438-387-2746

Hôpital vétérinaire Victoria responds with utmost care and quickness to all your Veterinary emergencies in Montreal and on the South Shore.

Are you desperately looking for a Montreal or South Shore veterinary hospital to handle an emergency for your pet? Hôpital vétérinaire Victoria is available and equipped to take on any critical situation. Contact us for immediate pet care assistance.

Effective emergency veterinary care is offered at Hôpital vétérinaire Victoria where handling injured or sick pets is a daily occurrence. Our skilled team of veterinarians is trained to handle medical emergencies, even those requiring immediate surgery!

Our staff has been trained by the best specialists. In fact, we employ some of the most trusted emergency technicians on and off the island of Montreal. Armed with the latest equipment and high-performance tools, our veterinarians work under the best possible conditions. This allows them to provide top notch care in the event of an accident or any other critical situation your pet may be dealing with.

We welcome all animals who are in critical condition or in need of immediate care, whether they belong to you or not. For medical emergencies such as accidents, sudden illness, convulsions, heart failure, and all other physical ailments, you can trust the highly skilled specialists at Hôpital vétérinaire Victoria.

Contact us for all emergencies in Montreal and on the South Shore, our highly-skilled and specialized practice includes 4 locations around Montreal and on the South Shore, all conveniently connected by ONE central number.

With the goal of making it easier for you to obtain the most efficient emergency care, we’ve set up a central number that will connect you with the location closest to you. This will allow you to speak to a veterinarian who will be able to quickly handle your case.

Our 4 locations are open 7 days a week, with the exception of our Greenfield Park location, which is closed on Sundays. However, thanks to our central number, you can speak to one of our specialists any day of the week.

Our multidisciplinary teams, comprised of skilled animal health specialists, are always available to respond to any emergency situation. Please do not hesitate to call us immediately, we will provide your pet with the emergency help it needs.